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Form 2

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    Biology Today Form 2 (OUP) by Kariuki, Okwany


    Biology Today is a new series in biology specially designed to fully meet the objectives of the biology syllabus for secondary schools. The series has been developed by a team of teachers with vast experience in teaching and examining biology.

    Biology Today Student’s Book 2:

    • Has been written in a simple language that is easy to understand.

    • Is highly illustrated to assist the student to understand concepts easily.

    • Highlights new developments in biology to bring the learner up-to-date with the most recent discoveries and developments in the subject.

    • Contains well-designed practical activities to enable the student carry out practical activities successfully and make accurate references.

    • Contains full-colour photographs to expose the student to the study of specimens through photographs.

    • Contains exciting and inspirational stories about pioneer scientists.

    • Includes an examination guide at the end of every topic to help the student relate the content in the topic to an examination scenario.

    An Answer Book for each level is also available.

    ISBN: 9780195742701

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  • Crescent Islamic Religious Education for Secondary Schools, Students’ Book 2 is the first book in KLB’s Islamic Religious Education series. The book offers a gradual guidance to the learners in syllabus coverage. The book covers the revised Islamic Religious Education syllabus comprehensively for ease of learning and understanding of the subject The main features of the text book include:

    Topics are comprehensively covered and written in an interactive way with the readers in mind.

    There are Quranic quotations and explanations that make learning of the subject easy.

    There are clear and appropriate examples drawn from the learners’ environment

    To reinforce textual consent, numerous illustrations and maps are used which help a great deal in making topics under consideration easy to understand.

    There are Suggested study Questions and Activities after each topic. which give the book the strength of independent for self-evaluation by the learners.

    Alongside each Students Book is the Teachers’ Guide, which has valuable learning and teaching activities for successful teaching of Islamic Religious Education.

    The Teachers Guide provides answers to the Suggested study Questions and Activities.

    ISBN: 9789966103437

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    Head Start Secondary English Form 2 by Oxford


    Head Start Secondary English is a series which comprehensively covers the English syllabus for secondary schools. It uses an integrated approach to language learning and equips the student with the ability to use language ina variety of ways. The books in this series make use of practical issues, global trends and day-to-day issues to present language in context. Each book is carefully written by English language experts.

    ISBN: 9780195742367

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    Inventor Secondary Business Studies Form 2 by KLB


    Inventor Secondary Business Studies is a comprehensive, accessible and flexible coursebook for students of Business Studies. In order to make the subject more interesting and easy to comprehend, the book handles business concepts and current trends with exceptional vigour, logical flow of topics and an attractive language and style. It contains up-to-date examples and illustrations to enable the learner to appreciate how business concepts apply to real world situations. One of the key strengths of Inventor Secondary Business Studies Form Two is that it comprehensively covers the revised syllabus. The exercises, at the end of each chapter provide the learner with an opportunity to test his/her understanding of the key concepts considered in each chapter. A comprehensive subject index and glossary are provided for ease of reference.

    ISBN: 9789966448095

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  • The key to exam success is a good understanding of the subject and practice? This form two Chemistry is designed for that purpose. It allows you to practice different kind of questions: From short answer questions, through structured questions to apparatus, flow charts and graphical methods.The answers at the back allow you the opportunity to evaluate your answers against schemed model answers.It covers the entire K.C.S.E form two syllabus with topical rearranged into units for good depth, validity chronology and coherence. The content herein has been pegged on the K.C.S.E. High School Chemistry curriculum objectives.It will test the learner on all types of testing facets: memory; knowledge and understanding; handling information and problem-solving; and experimental skills. This will ensure a detailed grasp and understanding of Chemistry right from form one.

    Moreover the ASEI and PDSI concepts of the smasse project high school science curriculum have been considered.


    The key features of this book include:.

    • Guide to passing exams collation of ideas from examiners, couselors and examining bodies.
    • Standard K.C.S.E. model practice questions contributed by experienced teachers and examiners.
    • Model answers to the practice questions.

    ISBN: 2010107000238

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    KCSE Masterpiece Biology Form 2


    When it comes to KCSE Revision, Masterpiece is a brand you know you can trust. This Form Two Biology is a revision of our First edition. While remaining true to our spirit of assessment for learning we have endeavored to make this revised edition better. It is more than a revision book, what with the questions arranged as per the syllabus objectives. The table of contents has been expounded for easy and quick reference and the questions have been sequentially ordered so that revision can be specific and real-time. The answers have been polished with precision to meet the changing dynamics of National Examinations. Where necessary, answers have been annotated and guidelines given. Students can run their revision parallel to the lesson rather than wait at the end of a topic. This book should be used to augment learning. It Is a tool for quick self check by the student as the teacher covers a topic. It is a worthy companion to the teacher for both formative and summative assessments in day – to – day classroom learning. New ideas and questions have been incorporated to make this edition a superior alternative to learning and revision. Page per page, we believe we are offering the best revision deal!

    Key features of this book include:

    Guide to passing examinations – collation of ideas and advice from examiners. counsellors and examining bodies.

    Form two revision questions organized topically and chronologically arranged objective by objective.

    Excellent captioning and layout of diagrams.

    Well researched and coordinated answers and solutions to the questions.

    Hand drawn graphs plotted to scale.

    Comprehensive model examinations with suggested answers

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    Kiswahili Kitukuzwe Kidato Cha 2


    Hili ni toleo la nne la Kiswahili kwa Kidato cha Pili, Kitabu cha Wanafunzi. Kitabu hiki ni cha pili katika mfululizo wa vitabu vinne vyaKiswahili kwa shule za upili.

    Kitabu hiki kimefuata mfumo wa elimu wa 8-4-4 na kufanyiwa marudio kulingana na silabasi mpya ya Kiswahili ya Kidato cha Tatu.

    ISBN: 9789966448477

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  • Living the Promise is a unique Christian religious Education course specially written using the new syllabus for secondary schools.the topics are sequentially ordered and taught through an imaginative mode beginning with topic discussion,content presentation,a short summary and review questions

    ISBN: 9789966496591

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    Log on Computer Studies 2 by Mulli

    This Log On Computer Studies Students’ Book 2 explores the world of computers. The course book is intended to help Form Two students acquire skills in Word processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Desktop Publishing (DTP), Internet and Emails, and Data Security and controls. The course book is also intended to help students develop greater depth knowledge of computer studies and aspire to work in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. The course book has special features to help students develop the essential skills required in studying, practising and interacting with computers. Each chapter opens with the chapter objectives, which spell out what the students are expected to have learnt, and the skills they are expected to have developed after studying the chapter. Other features include keywords, practical learning activities and a comprehensive glossary. The course book also has revision exercises and sample test papers. The answers to the exercises are provided in the Teachers’ Guide. An important feature that addresses emerging issues is labelled “Information is Power.” The write-ups under this title are meant to encourage the student to source for information on social challenges. They aim at imparting survival skills to the students. The write-ups discuss some of the social challenges that the youth face, for example, drugs and substance abuse, HIV/Aids and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), teenage pregnancy, and abortion among others. It is expected that after studying these write-ups, students should be able to make informed decisions.

    ISBN: 9789966100467

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  • Longhorn Secondary Computer Studies series is a course developed in line with the Kenya Secondary School Curriculum. It fully covers and fulfill all the goals and targets of the computer studies syllabus.

    It is unique since:

    .It presents the content in well and logically organized topics which facilitates sequential transition from one concept to the next.

    .Has  a user-friendly approach which is well-centered on the learner’s own environment for easier understanding

    .Uses simple language that is easy to understand and follow.

    .Provides exercises that enable the learner not only to recall, but also to understand and apply the skills acquired.

    .Provides coloured pictures, drawings  and screen shots that are well labelled that relate theory to real world practice.

    .Provides short historical background to concepts hence making reading the book interesting to the learner.

    .Has comprehensive Teacher’s guide, that provides guidelines on how to teach the various concepts and answers to all exercises.

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    New Integrated English Form 2 by Gathumbi


    This ground-breaking course is the first comprehensive English course specially written in the new syllabus for secondary schools. The structures and functions of English in this course are taught through imaginative and stimulating reading passages, value-adding illustrations and activities, which are carefully graded and which reflect the rich cultural variety of the world students live in . The Practical Secondary English course emphasizes that language is primarily for communication and must be both integrated and contextualized.

    The course makes teaching enjoyable and captivating by: 

    • presenting sequentially well-organised skills: speech,reading, grammar and writing.
    • integrating text and illustrations to boost understanding.
    • giving numerous highly educative indoor and outdoor activities.
    • providing activities and exercises at the end of each sub-topic.
    • employing a user-friendly approach which is well-centred on the learner’s own environment to ease understanding.
    • covering emerging and contemporary issues such as gender, corruption, the environment, HIV/AIDS among others.

    ISBN: 9966223037

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    Principles of Chemistry Form 2 by Muchiri


    This book entirely covers all the topics in form 2 chemistry of the new secondary school syllabus. The text is carefully structured with a lot of emphasis on consistency. It is written in a clear and straightforward language that the average secondary school student can easily understand. A lot of experiments have been included to enhance student participation in the learning process. The book is illustrated with very clear diagrams making it visually appealing. At the end of every chapter are well thought out examination-type revision questions.

    ISBN: 9789914993165

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    Secondary Agriculture Form Two Students’ book KLB


    Secondary Agriculture Form Two is a comprehensive text written for secondary school students taking agriculture.It has two main objectives; To ensure that the learner is exposed to principles which are relevant agricultural production. The second objective is to enable the learners to explore various agricultural practices so that they may gain skills which are required in the management of agricultural enterprises.

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    Secondary Biology Form 2


    Secondary biology is well written aiming at equipping students with knowledge, attitudes and skills that can enable them exploit the environment responsibly. The book adopts the IUPAC system of naming chemical substances.The content is in four broad topics namely: Transport in plants And animals,Gaseous exchange,Respiration and Excretion, and Homeostasi.
    Topics are introduced in a simple and precise language and related To knowledge gained earlier.
    To enhance easier understanding of concepts, terminologies are defined before use,emerging issues such as environmnetal conservation and substance abuse are also dealt with where they are relevant.
    At the end of each topic, there are revision questions that assist the learners to evaluate themselves . Answers to all questions are provided in the accompanying teacher’s guide .

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    Secondary Chemistry Form 2


    This sixth Edition of Secondary Chemistry Form Two Students’ Book published by Kenya Literature Bureau is the second in the Chemistry series to be completely revised, repackaged and reissued in the larger format. It covers all the topics in Form Two as per syllabus requirements.  It incorporates the following features which learners will find useful: An attractive layout which greatly enhances readability.  Employs a simple language with clear introduction to the topics followed by easy to understand explanations and precise instructions for practical activities.   A well applied two colour scheme with clear diagrams and photographs to aid comprehension. • Well chosen end of topic revision questions and topic summaries to assist recall and self evaluation.   The book has retained the popular enquiry approach to presentation of content.   Use of local examples and infusion of emerging issues to enliven the learning of chemistry.  A totally new section of examination style questions and answers.  The book is accompanied by a Teachers’ Guide, which gives pointers on time allocation, practicals, problematic areas and answers to revision exercises.

    ISBN: 9966448462

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    Secondary English Form 2 3rd Edition (KLB). by KLB


    Excelling in English is a new English course that is tailored to meet the learning needs of students in secondary school. The series is written by a team of experts in the subject. It dexterously integrates English and Literature in a way that makes the learning process not only enjoyable but also enriching for the students. The course is learner-centred and is structured in a manner that allows students to actively participate in the learning process. The course therefore helps learners to discover facts other than memorise what they are taught thus making the knowledge indelibly imprinted on their minds. English is in this course taught in context and learning situations that are familiar to the students are used. Each Students’ Book in the series has an accompanying Teachers’ Guide, which sets out lesson objectives clearly and gives detailed and useful information on lesson development for the teacher.

    Excelling in English Students’ Book 2 is the second book in this series. It is written in line with the new English syllabus for Form Two. The skills learned in Form One are intensified through more complex structures and vocabulary. The integration of language skills with Literature is also enhanced. Lessons in each unit are set out in a logical progression. The book contains numerous involving exercises and activities that are tailored for classroom interactions, thus making the learning process well rounded and effective. Revision exercises are given for further practice and to strengthen what has been learned. Three Sample Revision Papers modelled on the new KCSE English examination format are also provided. These serve as essential practice material and revision aid in the preparation of the KCSE English paper. The book also cuts across a broad spectrum of emerging issues and in addition to teaching the language, develops the students towards acceptable values and attitudes in the society. This is one book that students wishing to excel in the English language cannot do without.

    ISBN: 9789966651563

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    Secondary Geography Form 2 Student’s Book by KLB


    Secondary Geography Form Two Student’s Book is the second title in the Secondary Geography series published by KLB The book examines comprehensively all the requirements of Geography in the first year of secondary school. It incorporates all the latest changes in the new Secondary Geography Form Two syllabus.

    In this edition numerous local and international examples have been used to explain and illustrate concepts under consideration for useful comparison. There are also numerous activities and questions for self-evaluation by the students. Alongside this book is the Teacher’s Guide which gives suggestions on various ways of effective teaching of the topics in the Students’ Book. The guide further provides answers to the “ Work To Do ” reinforcing effective evaluation of learners.
    These features make the book interesting and an asset to the user.

    ISBN: 9789966445063

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    Secondary Home Science Form 2 student’s book by KLB


    The Secondary Home Science course aims at imparting secondary school students with knowledge and practical skills that they can apply in their day-to-day life. Secondary Home Science Form Two Students’ Book is a comprehensive textbook that specifically covers the Form Two Secondary Home Science syllabus. The book has the following attractive features:

    • Clear and concise language.
    • Attractive layout designed to make the book learner-friendly.
    • Revision questions that measure up to those set in the KCSE national examination.
    • Illustrations that depict local situations.
    • Incorporates emerging issues such as environment, conservation, HIV/AIDS awareness, gender responsiveness, child and human rights and drug and substance abuse.
    • A comprehensive index and a glossary.

    ISBN: 9789966445100

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    Secondary Mathematics Form 2 KLB by Abuko

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    Secondary Physics Form 2 (6th Ed)


    This book is the sixth title in the KLB Secondary Physics series. It comprehensively covers the Form Four syllabus as per the new curriculum.

    The edition is rich in detail, has numerous worked-out examples and puts emphasis on a practical approach. This enables the learner to appreciate more the concepts under study.

    Each title in the series is accompanied by a teachers’ guide which, apart from providing the teacher with vital tips on methodology, gives answers to questions in the revision exercises.

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  • Stadi za Kiswahlli ni Kitabu cha Mwanafunzi, Gredi ya 2 ni kitabu cha ziada kilichoandakwa kwa mujibu wa mtaala mpya uegemeao umilisi uliozinduliwa na Taasisi ya Ukuzaji Mitaala ya Kenya (KICD) mnamo Septemba 2017. Kitabu hiki kimejumuisha mada zote kuu na ndogo zilizomo katika ruwaza ya mtalaa ya Kiswahili Gredi ya 2. Isitoshe, mada kuu na ndogo zimepangwa kulingana na jinsi zilivyopongwa katika ruwaza hiyo. Fauka ya haya, yaliyomo yamewasitishwa kwa ubunifu wa hali ya juu kuyaoanisha na umilisi wa kimsingi, masuala mtambuko, maadili miongoni mwa masuala mengine yanayofumbatwa na mtaala mpya uegemeao umilisi. Kitabu hiki kimejumuisha shughuli za aina nyingi za kufanywa na mwanafunzi binafsi, wanafunzi wawili wawili na makundi ya wanafunzi. Kazi na shughuli za wanafunzi wawiliwawili na wanafunzi katika makundi zinadhamiriwa kuimarisha stadi za kusikitiza na kuzungumza na vilevile umilisi wa ushirikiano na mawasiliano. Aidha, kitabu hiki kimesheheni vifungu vya kusoma na vya kuchangamsha vitakavyomsaidia mwanafunzi kuimarisha stadi ya kusoma. Stadi ya kuandika haijaachwa nyuma. Kitabu kinazo shughuli za kutosha za mwanafunzi iii kustawisha stadi ya kuandika.

    ISBN: 9789966630308

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