Star Secondary Revision Physics Paper 3 (232/3)


Revision Physics Paper 3 (232/3)



Star Secondary Revision Physics Paper 3 (232/3)

by K. Balaraman,

  • ISBN: 9789966311818
  • SKU: 2010119000234

Star Secondary Revision Physics Paper 3(232/3) is designed to meet the needs of secondary school students preparing for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE)The book contains 63 experiments distributed as follows: Mechanics: 33, Heat: 5, Light: 17 Current Electricity: 7 and Atomic Physics: 1. Most of these experiments can be carried out using locally available low cost materials and apparatus. After these experiments, there are 10 KCSE Physics Paper 3 Model Test Papers to help the students get an insight of how the final KCSE practical examination paper will look like.Answers to the questions in the experiments and in the KCSE Model Test Papers are provided at the end of the book.


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