Star Secondary Rev History Paper 2


Revision Kit Paper 2



Star Secondary Revision History Paper 2

by Priscilla Kivuitu, Cleophas Ondieki and Josephine Kioko,

  • ISBN: 9789966362490
  • SKU: 2010114000210

Star Secondary Revision History and Government Paper 2 fully covers the Themes in World History KCSE Syllabus topics. From the World Wars, through colonisation to the present electoral systems in selected countries, all major issues in World History are presented in a clear, simple and comprehensible manner to enable the student go through and understand all the required issues and concepts.The test papers, with over 300 Model KCSE questions and answers, serve to not only complement the notes provided but also provide a search-light to the testing of this subject. The questions will help the students test their own knowledge while the answers act as short, quick revision notes and a roadmap on what to do when answering the questions in the KCSE History and Government.


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